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My Blissful Momment

Hello! I'm about to tell you about my blissful experience I had when I was still in seventh grade.

The day was Monday. I just finished my breakfast and was waiting for my sister to finish her breakfast. After she finished her breakfast, my mom drove me and sister to school. We arrived just in time before the bell rings. My first class of the day was Math. The class was okay, nothing really stand out. After math, we had Physical Education. We had running test that day, it was really exhausting. I didn't bring any water from home, so me and my friend, Dhani, went to the canteen to buy some water. When we got to the canteen, I just realized that I left my wallet at home. I didn't know how to pay for the water. Luckily, Dhani offered me some money for the water. He said that he will pay for the water and I don't have to pay him back. I was very grateful. I thanked him for the water. I will always remembered what Dhani did for me. That was one of the nicest thing that he di…

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